Thursday December 15, 2016We invite you to join us on Thursday, December 15, 2016 for a 30-minute webinar,

Caring Science – Exploring the Evolution of Caritas Literacy with a Postmodern Critique

.Join Dr. Jean Watson and Dr. Sara Horton-Deutsch for a passionate and collaborative dialogue on what constitutes

‘Caritas Literacy’

or more importantly

lack of

human caring illiteracy.

‘ A postmodern critique will be offered to uncover evidence of

‘human caring illiteracy’

within our current socio-political-professional institutions and society. Formal ontological practices of Caritas Literacy will be emphasized to overcome current caritas challenges. The overarching aim is to engage a critical caritas consciousness and cultivate new authentic caritas communities from within and without. Both Sara and Jean will draw upon the newly released book: Lee, S., Palmieri, P., Watson, J. (2016) Global Caring Literacy. NY: Springer.


  • Caring Science Mindful Practice
  • Online course
  • Monday January 9, 2017 – Sunday February 12, 2017
    Cost – FreeThis course provides tools for caring professionals to enhance professional caring practices in everyday work environments. Learners will be introduced to Watson’s Caring Science. Exploration and learning related to key concepts will be supported through the introduction of mindfulness practice, reflective narrative, and contemplative art. Asynchronous discussion, moderated by a team of educators knowledgeable in Caring Science, will provide a forum for ongoing interaction and discovery among participants during each 4-week class session. Certificates of completion will be earned by participants who complete all of the course learning modules.
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